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Nutraceutical Science
The Evolution Of Food For Good Health

What does your future hold?

The future  of food incorporates a new way of thinking to be successful as a leader in good health practices. Dr. Mark Anderson has now added partnering as a consulting scientific advisor in the area of nutraceuticals and food products working with scientists, farmers, educators in a  "Farm to Table" initiative.  

Are you ready for what is coming as personalized medicine becomes  a combination of customized pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. 

Dr. Mark Anderson has spent his entire working career of over 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry within an intense investigation of disease, producing a great body of work, resulting in over 160 patents and publications. His career path has taken him in to the study through pharmaceuticals to an outreach of nutraceuticals as a balance in his research. The end result is to continue in his efforts to reduce disease in pharmaceuticals, and improve the state of overall health as a multi facet research effort in nutraceuticals.   

Dr. Mark Anderson continues the pursuit of scientific research in many areas, and he will incorporate and develop new and different beneficial products, many through Nutraceutical Science for the benefit of humanity as a natural resource. Common knowledge for the average scientist is not always a known source of information for the average consumer and that is a missing link that could drive our nation to a better state of health.  Dr Anderson works to that end. 

Disease creates a foothold on health when nutrients are lacking and the tide of wellbeing is forced to diminish in the body. At this point, once the disease has a foothold, the cascade effect of disease, creates a breakdown in the healthy function in the body. Good nutrition is our first defense.  Nutrition is critical to the state of wellbeing.

Understanding nutrition seems to be a lacking role in the marketplace. Labels are missing from many natural foods even listing vitamins and nutrients for each product. This lack of information as a hand’s on initiative has adversely impacted the market worldwide. Information is key and it is  missing as a consumer labeling. Health is declining in numbers never seen before. In the USA consumers are barraged with infomercials with bogus claims and yet no regulated claims are mentioned anywhere about the natural food sources we purchase from the supermarket shelves so that good decisions can be made. This lack of information and lack of information and lack of access to food promoting wellbeing impacts the state of all disease in an immeasurable way.

Improving health by a wealth of information is critical. These issues combined play a critical role in the state of health, sustainability and longevity as it relates to the state of all disease today.  After many years of research the evidence is overwhelming that diet is the first step to increasing and decreasing wellbeing. Nutraceuticals will play a critical role in the future in optimizing the indoctrination of worldwide good health practices. Without good health practices with nutrition disease always wins the war. Knowledge is key. Nutraceuticals is the pathway to the future of that knowledge.   

It is the intention to bring to market novel natural products supported with the scientific background outlining the health benefits of these products and backed up with scientific research. The partnerships he maintains in this market with academic guidance enables him to develop a deep knowledge of natural product lines and the value of supplements as a nutraceutical. He practices the good science of understanding the value of eatable and sustainable accessible spices, herbs and vegetables. By bringing some of the best and the brightest scientific minds together he continues to work to understand and define the real values of eating well in concrete terms by defining the benefits of foods backed up by proven scientific study. It is with this vision that he continues to grow with the support of scientific evidence.

The ultimate goal is multi dimensional. First, to ensure that the growing and purchasing decisions preserve and safeguard the environment and stimulate development as a good business practice. Second, developing the supply of high quality natural raw materials now and into the future, without compromising the environment, the livelihoods of producers, or the security of supply is business critical. Thirdly, to bring awareness concerning the benefits of natural products as a food source and supplements where needed, so that informed decisions can be made on a daily basis regarding health and well being as a partner to convention medicine as we know it.


Mark Anderson is currently working on a variety of products that will be launched in to the market in the near future promoting good health through nutraceuticals ! 
Chicken Soup Sac
Cactus Cool Aid
Kale Flakes
5 Pepper Rub
Cactus Wound Healing Soap
Cactus Wound Healing Cream

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